1. Click on Ad
A visitor clicks on SailingEurope ad on your web pages.

Affiliate site example
2. Get Discount Code
Visitor is re-directed to SailingEurope web site, where he obtains a special Discount Code.

Affiliate site example
3. Use SailingEurope Services
The visitor uses SailingEurope services by:

  • browsing through SailingEurope web site
  • searching for a boat in the Online Database
  • getting in touch with SailingEurope Contact Center via mail, phone, LiveChat, etc.

Affiliate site example
4. Make a Booking
After establishing contact with SailingEurope and booking a boat, the visitor becomes SailingEurope client.
During the conversation with our Call Center the client uses his code to get a discount on his total booking price.

Affiliate site example
5. Conversion Confirmation
The moment when the discount code is used, you get an email with conversion confirmation, financial report and the amount of your affiliate commission.

Affiliate site example
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